Mockingbird Handprints Mockingbird Handprints

Mockingbird Handprints

1420 S. Alamo Bldg B Ste108
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Mockingbird Handprints

Mockingbird Handprints
Ed MAlcik
Ed Malcik

Mockingbird Handprints
Mockingbird Handprints

Robert Wymer

Robert Wymer
​Show dates: June 1 - July 28
​Artist Reception: June 9 12:00-5:00, and mural painting at Mockingbird open to public to participate 1:00-4:00

​Robert grew up in San Antonio and left to attend The University of Texas in Austin in 1989. Robert still lives in Austin but says "SA is where his heart is."

​Robert is multi-talented. Besides running Austin Woodwright his furniture refinishing and repair shop ,he watercolors "en plein air" and paints on wood panels with oil and acrylic paints and makes all his wood frames. His wood panel paintings are developed with many layers using texture, sanding, masking and arranging forms and shapes in dynamic patterns.

​Robert's goal is to "balance creativity and discipline, to enter the jungle, yet not die." Come see if he does just that!

Robert Wymer

Mockingbird Handprints Upcoming Artist Reception:
April 7th, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Show Dates: April 5th - April 29th, 2018
Mockingbird Handprints

Artist Reception:
March 1, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Show Dates: March 1 - April 1, 2018

"Futurfoto" - Enlarged and recast Polaroid photo by Paco Felici featuring Peter Gonzales Falcon, star of Federico Fellini's "Roma."

Paco Felici's "Small Ideas" is a collection of ongoing photographic works that will be part of an upcoming exhibit at Mockingbird Handprints for SA's Contemporary Art Month. Paco repurposes, resizes and adds layers of mixed-media to rediscovered vintage snapshots--transforming them into massive works several feet in length and width.

He also enlarges and recasts his own Polaroid photographs into oversized works. The upcoming "Small Ideas" show will also unveil the series "Ghostdancer," featuring movie stills and present-day images taken by Paco of actor Peter Gonzales Falcon, star of Federico Fellini's seminal autobiographical movie, Roma.

Paco (left) and Peter (right) during their recent photo shoot which will be part of the upcoming show.
Click here to watch a clip from Fellini's 1972 "Roma," featuring Peter.

My long time relationship to nature is currently reflected in this collection of Small Works. Drawings/painting reflect thMy long time relationship to nature is currently reflected in this collection of Small Works. Drawings/painting reflect the complex yet simple rhythm of trees and foliage and the constructions integrate and naturally evolve out of the gestural paintings. My work goes through growth spurts, it's seasonal, it's concepts incubate and then blossom all in alignment with nature.
Be it nature or nurture, it all germinates when given the opportunity.

email: phone: 210 878 5711

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