Gatherers and Wanderers will open at Mockingbird Handprints on December 2nd from 3:00 – 5:00 with an Artists Talk at 4:00

Event is at Mockingbird’s Handprints Olmos Park December 2nd – January 6th 2024

4303 McCullough, SA,TX 78212, more parking in back
​GALLERY HOURS Thurs – Sun 11 a.m – 5 p.m

View an eclectic selection of assemblages, small sculptures,
magical objects,encaustic collages, charms and spirits,
fiber and clay, wire and wax, curious figuresand more from Lyn and Shannon.


Lyn Belisle is a multidisciplinary artist embracing encaustic painting, earthenware, digital imagery, sculpture, textiles and found objects to discover and connect synchronistic shards of meaning through collage and assemblage. She has always been strongly influenced by the idea of “shards” as a metaphor for human communication across time. A shard can be a found fragment of clay, a rusty nail, a scrap of handwriting – any little clue that becomes a “secret handshake” between the maker and the discoverer. Lyn received her MA from Trinity University where she majored in studio art as an undergraduate.  She teaches mixed-media workshops at Lyn Belisle Studio in San Antonio, and also teaches nationally, most recently in Santa Fe, Provincetown, Washington State, and Taos. Her signature media are earthenware, beeswax, paper and fiber. She has work at The Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe and in the San Antonio Art League & Museum.

Shannon Weber is a self-taught, award winning, interdisciplinary artist whose authentic object and sculpture designs are recognized for her unique methods of using the raw materials she has hand collected in various locations around Oregon. While there seem to be themes running through her designs, such as boats, or the “artifact” ambiance of certain objects, she allows the collected material to direct how the work is going to evolve. Every element collected has a history or a mythology of location, age, or place that is allowed to shapeshift as the materials and techniques are mixed to form the structure of the designs. Her work has attracted the attention of various curators of Fiber and Fine Craft which have included her work in their lectures for her skill and methods in design, both nationally and internationally. She has been asked to speak on her methods and use of materials, and she has been featured in numerous publications worldwide.